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         An innovative businessmen and administrator with experience in the federal government, local government, nonprofit and private sectors. He has also shown outstanding leadership in a variety of different settings.  Throughout his career, he has been able to serve communities by running economic development programs, creating housing, providing financing in both the private and public sectors and generally serving communities in need. 

    Russell is currently the founding principal of Community Development Concepts, Inc. (CDCI), a consulting and development firm providing a wide range of services and economic development, commercial development, risk management analysis, should heed you planning, organization and human capital development.  There are also provides CRA analysis, faith-based development, grant acquisition and business development. 

    Prior to joining CDCI, Russell Simmons served as Senior Vice President for Business and Community Development at Riggs Bank in Washington, DC.  In this position, he was responsible for the direction and implementation of the Bank’s CRA, capacity grant, community outreach and business development activities in low and moderate-income areas.  He also served at the bank spokesman all matters relating to community development.  During his ten-year tenure, he accomplished a number of milestones including:


Increased the Bank's lending in low and moderate-income areas from $20 million in 1993 to $100 to $200 million per year thereafter.


He was chairman of the Community Responsibility Committee that provided by a wide focus on CRA and community development issues.


Coordinated an "Outstanding" CRA rating in June 2003.


Initiated first Bank sponsored micro loan program in the DC area.


Established and chair bank’s CRA Investment Committee.


Established division that combined CRA strategic planning and business development.


Manage relationship with the Collective Banking Group (CBG), 225 African American Churches with membership exceeding 200,000 people. Includes developing home buyer, business and investment seminars.


Initiated $40 million construction loan partnership between Fannie Mae and Riggs for affordable housing projects.

    Before joining Riggs Bank, he was the Community Blown Manager at Citibank in Washington, DC.  In this position, he financed more than $100 million of affordable housing and commercial projects and low and moderate-income areas. He also interacted with the community on a regular basis and was the primary liaison with local governments.

    Prior to joining Citibank, Russell Simmons had a long career with the District of Columbia government.  His positions included being, Chief of the Neighborhood Commercial Services Division in the Office of Business and Economic Development.  This office was responsible for an eating commercial revitalization in most of the disinvested commercial corridors in the city.  He established and maintained six neighborhood commercial revitalization offices, originated loans to small businesses, funded local community development corporations and led outreach efforts to local business and community groups.  He was also Chief of the Community Economic Development Division in the DC Department of Housing and Community Development where he provided technical assistance to CDC'S, made loans and grants to CDC's 10 coordinated neighborhood community development efforts.  He also managed the Marketing and Development Division and the Housing Department. 

    Before joining the DC Department of Housing and Community Development, he was the assistant director for the DC Model Cities Program. 

    Russell Simmons is a native Washingtonian and received a B.A. and an M.A. degree in Economics from Howard University. 

    Throughout his career, Russell Simmons has been deeply involved in various sectors of the community.  These engagements include being Chairman of the District of Columbia Housing Authority from 2000 to 2005.  This Authority was just coming out of Receivership and is now one of the best housing authorities in the country.  It is the recipient all the six Hope VI grants that have either been completed or are under construction. 

    Russell Simmons has demonstrated leadership and volunteerism over his career.  Listed below are selected leadership positions that he has undertaken: 

President, DC United Way, President, United Planning Organization, President, H. Street Community Development Corp., Board of Directors, DC Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of the Economic Development Committee, President, Metropolitan Bankers Association, Chairman, Board of Directors, District of Columbia Chamber all the Commerce Foundation and Chairman of Board of Directors of the Washington Region for Justice and Inclusion. 

Russell is an avid golfer, painter and is devoted to his family.













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